Review: ThorFire TK4A

Review ThorFire TK4A

The ThorFire TK4A is a bit of an unusual beast. Too big to be considered your typical everyday carry (EDC) light; too small to be a traditional baton. And yet, there’s something about it that just works.

I have to admit that at first I didn’t think I was going to like the TK4A. Its looks didn’t initially appeal to me: it’s short and stubby, and a bit dull-looking. But in use, it’s a different story. A couple of outings later, and I’ve come to appreciate its understated charm.

Review ThorFire TK4A batteriesThe TK4A is quite a versatile light, with an output range from Moonlight (1 lumen) to Turbo (1,100 lumens), plus low, medium and high settings in between the two extremes. Usefully, there’s also a strobe setting, which puts out a flashing pattern at 600 lumens for 75 minutes.

Total runtime ranges from 720 hours at the Moonlight end, to just 45 minutes on Turbo – though this is a cumulative time, as the light will step down a level after three minutes. More practically, you’ll get 48 hours out of the four AA batteries on the Low (30 lumens) setting.

Operating the TK4A is a simple procedure, so even if you haven’t used it in a while you won’t be reaching for the instruction manual. Click the side switch to turn on, then click repeatedly to step through the brightness levels. Press and hold the switch to turn it off. The light has a memory function, returning to the last-used setting when next turned on.

Moonlight mode is activated by pressing and holding the switch when the light is turned off. Strobe comes from a double-click when the light is turned on.

The push-button on-off switch has a built-in battery life indicator, with a small LED showing green when you’ve over 50% juice left; orange when you’re between 15% and 50%; and red when you’ve dipped below 15% and need to be thinking about swapping out the batteries.

Review ThorFire TK4A packageThe flashlight comes with a lanyard, which I found surprisingly awkward to attach, and which I never fully felt confident in, plus a holster and two spare O-rings. It all comes in a rather plain brown cardboard box. Personally, I don’t mind my flashlights coming in inexpensive packaging – I prefer the money either to go into the product or stay in my pocket.

Rated at IPX-8 for waterproofness, the TK4A is a handy light that’s going to find a permanent home in my toolbox, though not my pocket. At 5.9 ozs and 6-inches in length, it’s a bit too big and heavy to carry around all-day, everyday. But when it’s called into use, it’ll do just fine.

Review ThorFire TK4A

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  • Takes easily-available AA batteries
  • Useful output range and strobe function
  • Waterproof (IPX-8)


  • Slightly awkward size-wise
  • Plain packaging, so less appealing as a gift


ThorFire TK4A
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