When you come to think about it, Christmas is the perfect time to buy a flashlight. The nights are long and dark – exactly the time of year when you’re most likely to use a flashlight. Even the thought of heading out into a cold, crisp evening, with the way illuminated by a strong, reliable light, seems seasonal. You can almost hear the carollers singing, if you listen closely…

OK, maybe not, but you know where we’re coming from. A flashlight is a great gift at any time of year, but it’s ideal at Christmas. Who wouldn’t be delighted to discover that Santa has brought them a handy keychain light, or a headlamp, or a spotlight? No-one we know, that’s for sure.

Below you can find our favourite flashlight gifts for this holiday season. Prices range from cheap enough to act as a stocking stuffer to eye-wateringly This Proves How Much I Love You expensive. Just remember that if you end up buying something that uses rechargeable batteries, make sure that the recipient has a suitable charger – otherwise they won’t thank you for the added expense when their new present goes dim early in the New Year.

Under $10

5 Pack Mini LED Keychain Flashlights

Keychain flashlights are always a favorite with us because they’re so useful. And at under 10 bucks for a pack of five, you can’t go wrong. Either give all five to one person, or split the pack up and get five very affordable presents in one go.

These tiny lights are made of aluminum and are powered by three included LR44 button batteries. Unlike some other keychain flashlights, these are push-button operated rather than needing you to twist the barrel, making them less fiddly to turn on and off.

At 10 lumens, they put out a decent amount of light – certainly plenty to help you find the keyhole or illuminate the ground while you’re walking to your car.


UltraFire 7w Mini Cree Led Flashlight

The UltraFire 7w featured on our Gift Guide last year, and it’s justifiably back again this holiday season.

Packing 300 lumens into a tiny AA-powered package, it offers a lot of bang for its six bucks. Plus its got over 12,000 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.2 out 5 stars!

It’s highly affordable, but the quality belies its price tag. Highly-recommended as a gift (or as a little Santa present to yourself while you’re doing the Christmas shopping).


Under $25

J5 Tactical J5 Hyper V 400 Lumen 3 Mode Tactical Flashlight

The J5 Hyper V comes in a couple of models, with a cheaper 300 lumen version also available, but we’ve opted for the brighter 400 lumen big brother.

Featuring High, Low and Strobe modes, the Hyper V is powered by three AAA batteries (not included) and has a handy belt/pocket clip. In keeping with the step-up in price, it also boasts adjustable focussing.

A good, affordable option if you’ve a little more money to spend on someone.


Waterproof 5000Lm LED Headlamp

We’re big fans of headlamps here at BestFlashlightReport, and with good reason: they’re just so practical and useful. Whether you’re spelunking, riding your bike, or fixing a flat on a deserted highway at night, you can’t beat a good headlamp. If you need to shine the light while keeping your hands free, you need a headlamp.

Featuring a variety of modes up to the whopping 5,000 lumen full power, this lamp has more than enough oomph for any situation. And with its two rechargeable 18650 batteries (included), it has plenty of staying power too.

Best of all, it comes with everything you need to charge it at home or in the car, so there’s no added expense either.


Under $100

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries

The Fenix PD35 is another perennial favorite of ours. At over $70, it’s a step up in price, but you’re getting a quality piece of kit from one of the most respected flashlight manufacturers for your money.

The PD35 is tactical for two reasons: the blinding 1,000 lumens that get thrown out the front, and the strike bezel. It’s a serious tool and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Note that it comes with two CR123A lithium batteries, but it can also take one 18650 rechargeable, if you prefer. Honestly, buy us this and we’ll be your friends forever.


Maglite ML50LX LED 3-Cell C Matte Black Flashlight

For many, the word ‘flashlight’ equates to ‘Maglite’. If you know one of those people, you could do a lot worse than the ML50LX, powered by three C cells.

It’s not one of the ridiculously-heavy Maglites, but still has that reassuring heft that lets you know you’re dealing with a quality American brand. The light has four different function sets (General, Outdoor, Law Enforcement and Tactical) for ease of stepping through the various modes.

At around $50, it’s not cheap, but for fans of Maglites it’ll be worth every penny.


Over $100

FENIX TK75 4000 Lumen bundle

Another Fenix, and at a wallet-busting $240+ too! The old adage of You Get What You Pay For comes into play here. Such a heavy, powerful flashlight won’t be on everyone’s Christmas list, but those who do need it will value what they’re getting here.

Powered by no fewer than four(!) 18650 batteries (included), or eight CR123As (also included), the TK75 has a maximum run-time of 11 days! Obviously, it doesn’t last quite that long when blasting out 4,000 lumens, but still.

The maximum throw of this flashlight is nearly half a mile, which tells you all you need to know. It’s a lot of money, but you’re getting a lot of light for it. And if your loved one has been very good all year, well maybe they deserve it…


SureFire E2D Defender Ultra

SureFire is another brand we like a lot, so if we found this lying under our Christmas tree, we’d be pretty happy.

The E2D Defender is another classic flashlight, and the 500 lumens model we recommend is one of the best tactical lights money can buy: a beautifully-designed work of art as much as a flashlight.

Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, it’s super-tough and you definitely wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the strike bezel. It’s incredibly bright, extremely well-made, and at around $190 represents good value for what you’re getting. You really can’t go too far wrong if you’re planning on getting this as a gift for a flashlight fan.


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