Kids love to play with flashlights. It doesn’t matter how many high-tech toys and tablets they may have, kids will always still love the novelty of lighting up the dark and enjoying some old-fashioned fun (or mischief!) with a flashlight.

Here’s our list of the top six flashlight activities for kids of all ages. And some of them are timeless classics for adults to enjoy too!

Just make sure you’ve got plenty of batteries in reserve, or you may find that your young ones have used up all the juice next time you go to use your flashlight…



Telling scary stories round a campfire

Is there any better use of a flashlight than to help scare the wits out of your camp colleagues? If there is, we can’t think of one. In time-honored fashion, the story teller shines the light on their face from underneath, casting hideous shadows, then proceeds to tell the scariest story possible. This is one activity that just wouldn’t be the same without a flashlight.


Reading under the covers

Kids who love books just hate it when they’re told to put the book away and go to sleep, so sneaking an extra read under the covers makes them feel rebellious while actually ensuring they’re safely tucked up in bed and engaging in an educational activity. It’s a win-win! Of course, it’s also a good way to ensure that you’ve a set of completely drained batteries in the morning, so if your loved ones like to read under the covers, make sure you check in on them and switch the flashlight off if they’ve fallen asleep.


Morse code flashlight fun

Morse code

This requires a bit more practice, but keen kids will soon pick it up. The classic code consists of letters made up of a sequence of long and short flashes of light. The simplest way to get started is to copy out words or phrases that you want to say and begin with them. Take it slowly, and in no time it’ll come naturally. There’s the added advantage that being able to tap out SOS in Morse code might save someone’s life one day.


Make hand shadows on the wall

Another childhood activity that has stood the test of time and is still enjoyed by adults the world over… Using just a flashlight and your hands, make the shape of different animals on the wall. Use The Art of Hand Shadows book to get inspiration, then amaze your friends with the variety of animals you can conjure up.


Flashlight freeze

If you’re having a party for kids, this one is a great variation on the classic game of musical statues. Start the music and have the kids dancing as usual, but instead of stopping the music, you shine a flashlight on the person who has to freeze. Another variant is to have everyone freeze when the music stops, as normal, but then shine the light on someone to unfreeze them so they have to dance a solo. Kids love the attention and the chance to show off!


Flashlight fun with a cat

Flashlight tag with a cat (or a toddler)

A simple game, but one that can give hours of amusement. Or at least until your friendly cat or toddler gets bored and wanders off. Simply shine the flashlight onto the floor or wall to catch their attention. Often, the cat will chase the light, and you can gently encourage the toddler to do the same. Move the light around, or turn it off and on again, to get the game of tag going. When it works, it’s great fun – and makes for a terrific YouTube moment!

If you’ve got any other flashlight games, drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.